1:11 am

I’m willing to admit an amount more than i’ve been given

is about the love that i’ve so longingly hidden,

deep inside a place

where doors are locked and walls are dark

where i don’t even go

for fear that i might know-

what love looks like, even in the shadows


a mind after midnight

a mind after midnight is a scary thing

that undiscovered country of thoughts

throughout your brain and running in your veins

pulsing, begging to be acknowledged

and you feel your heart beat, faintly

but it meets the pace of your steadfast brain,

slowly synching into sleep,

hoping you’ll forget everything,

when your eyes open to face another day.

what keeps me up

i lay awake at night with a thought confined mind,

going over what’s already over between us and how

love changed to the dust under our feet-

please, i can’t sleep, i can’t stop,

wondering why you’re so consumed,

with fitting in within an unfit people

why can’t you realize that in my eyes,

we only have to fit each other.


tonight i hope you'll join me, play with my hair as we 
sleep softly, and you breathe deeply,
blowing innocent wind onto my bare skin,
wrap your arms around my armored heart and hold tight
tonight i hope you'll stay with me, and remind me,
why this love takes time


You are your heart
You are the art you hang on your walls
You are your 2pm thoughts and your 2am sulks
You are the whole and you are the parts
You are your heart
beating, reminding you what it means

to be and to breathe

the place we meet

the place we meet is the place where we can just be,

the wind hitting your smile and the sun kissing our skin,

beside the trees under where we fell asleep.

the place we meet is the place i want to see,

looking at the sky and then at my eyes and you ask me to be with you,

all the way until our lives are through.

the place we meet is the place we’ve grown

into the weather worn and lesson learned,

people that we were born to be.

the place we meet is the place we leave,

together, when the day is done and the sky has gone

and life has sung its final song.